who we are

At ACCPRO International, we are proud to introduce you to our extraordinary team – the driving force behind our success and visions.


Empower success through strategic talent solutions. Driven by integrity, innovation, and excellence, we foster a collaborative, customer-centric approach to create opportunities for growth and success for both clients and candidates.


Become the leading global provider of innovative and strategic talent solutions. By continuously setting new industry standards, we aim to transform the recruitment and outsourcing landscape, positively impacting businesses and individuals worldwide, and shaping a future where talent thrives and success knows no boundaries.


These standards are the bedrock of our client service and team performance, shaping how we deliver exceptional results and serve with excellence.


Integrity is the bedrock of trust, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of moral and professional integrity.


. We understand that each team member plays a crucial role in our collective success, and we empower individuals to take initiative, meet commitments, and learn from experiences.


We are dedicated to delivering exceptional products, services, and experiences to our customers, partners, and stakeholders.


We foster an inclusive and supportive environment where diverse perspectives are valued.

our Team

Carl Bacorro

Head of Strategic Business Partnership

“Our success is intricately tied to the success of our clients. We are dedicated to delivering the best possible experience to our clients”

Dyan Ocampo 

Chief Operating Officer

“We don’t just seek to fulfill immediate staffing needs; rather, we aim to become an integral force in fueling your long-term success in talent acquisition.”

Louise Elegido

Head of CX – Recruitment

“Our client’s success is also our success. We are committed to provide the best experience that we could offer to our clients.”


Head of CX – BPO

“Beyond meeting immediate outsourcing needs, we aspire to be a key player in your ongoing growth and operational excellence, ensuring a seamless and enduring collaboration.”

Lisa Marie

Head of CX – Information Technology

“Beyond immediate projects, we envision ourselves as an integral part of your IT journey, dedicated to navigating challenges and driving innovation together.”

Almae Kate Limbre

Senior Human Resource Business Partner

“It is not enough that we bring you in this business partnership. It is the long-term partnership that we want to build with you and be part of your success.”

Daira Ocampo

Senior Human Resource Business Partner

“We value our employees as we value our clients. Our employees are the real backbone of the business.”

Janiella Diaz

Senior Human Resource Business Partner

“The way we structured our business is tailored to our client’s business. As our clients move forward, we take the same step to support them achieve greater heights.”

Giana Robles

Senior Human Resource Business Partner

“We aspire to cultivate a lasting partnership, becoming an integral part of your talent acquisition success. Our commitment extends beyond the initial engagement, with the goal of growing together and contributing to the ongoing success of your team.”

Drex Feudo

Business Development Manager

“As our clients’ business is up and running, we provide the best employee experience by giving them full support whether they work from home or on-site.”